Comparison of Bulk User Manager and User Import Export features

FeatureBulk User ManagerUser Import Export
Import user accounts from XML/CSV fileYY
Export user accounts to XML/CSV fileYY
Allow adding and updating of user accounts in single importYY
Import/export all roles for user account including effective and expiry dates for each roleYY
Import/export all standard and custom fieldsYY
Send email to user email on account creation (optional)YY
Assign random passwords when password is not suppliedYY
Background import function for large user importsY
Automatic addition of roles that do not exist during importYY
Basic and advanced search facilty for selection of user accounts to exportYY
Allow update of user accounts selected via the basic or advanced search facility.
User account details that can be updated include:
  • Setting of the status of the "Authorized" indicator
  • Setting of the "Force password change" indicator
  • Adding user accounts to roles with effective and expiry dates
  • Removing user accounts from roles
  • Setting of the preferred language
  • Setting of the time zone
Selecting user accounts to be deleted via the basic or advanced search facilityY
Selecting user accounts that have been "Soft deleted" and retrieving them (DNN5+)Y
Selecting user accounts that have been "Soft deleted" and permanently deleting them (DNN5+)Y